Part 2: My Mobile Planner – The Filofax Way

Part 2 – Frequently Used Apps

We have come to Part 2 of my so called Mobile Planner! Here, I’m excited to show you where I have placed my frequently used apps in my mobile. I’ve done a video on YouTube to show you in more detail. The link is somewhere at the bottom of this post.

However, having said that, I would like to provide a brief description here.

From any page in my mobile, I just need to double tap and this window which houses my frequently used apps will pop up! (See it in action in my youtube video!)


I’m actually trying to mimic washi tape being wrapped around a piece of hard plastic… If you are a planner fanatic, you should know what I’m referring to…

From the above image, besides “Monthly Card, Magnifier, and Gallery”, the rest are what I call categories. If I tap on the respective categories, a window with its associated apps will pop up. For example, if a tap on “Emails” this window pops up…


The two cats on top is actually my clock widget of which tapping on it will direct me to my clock app. I will provide the name of the widgets and apps which I mentioned in this blog and my youtube video at the very bottom of this post.

Below the clock widget, is my Monthly Card. Another window with a monthly widget will appear if you tap on it as per the image below…


I use this monthly widget frequently for easy referencing when I schedule appointments.

I’ve also created the category – Dashboard & Stickers.


I use this dashboard window to take quick notes. Both Post-Its Notes widgets can be used to jot down handwritten as well as type-written notes.

I also used the Stickers Category below in various sections of my mobile planner. I will touch on it in more detail in subsequent posts.


The above-mentioned are just some categories of my frequently used apps. Please refer to my youtube video for more details on other categories:

In my next post, I will touch on my Today’s Section. With the usage of the S Pen, it makes this section more like a paper planner! Well, at least close to a paper planner…☺ If you are also interested on mobile planning, do tap on the “Follow”button below to keep you posted when my next post is up!

Widgets & Apps Mentioned:

♡ Total Launcher

♡ Cute Clock Widget 2 [Free]

♡ Calendar Widget! Wa! [Free]

♡ Sticky Notes [Free]

    For top post-it note widget on Dashboard

♡ Another Sticky Notes [Free]

     For bottom post-it notes on Dashboard


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