My Mobile Planner – The Filo Way…

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Part 3 – Daily or “Today’s” Section

Welcome back! This section includes everything I need to refer to for the day, keeping my life in order and not overlook anything important! It’s actually a very crucial section for my life.


Every night, I’ll spend about 5 to 10 mins going through the following planner routine steps to plan my Daily or Today’s Section, making sure I have everything covered.


It might look like a chore? But it really isn’t. It just takes me not more than 10 mins. In the process of planning, I’ll need to switch between different pages of my mobile phone and the tabs at the very top (refer to image above) gave me quick access to these pages. These top tabs appear in all pages in my mobile. Clicking on the “This Week” tab (red arrow) will bring me straight to the Daily / Today’s Section. The “June” tab (blue arrow) will bring me to the current month in my monthly calendar section and the very last tab (orange arrow) will direct me to my “stickers” page (refer to image below).


The above sticker is from Vintage Glam Studio. It is a free printable which I found from pinterest. I’ve selectively cropped some of the stickers individually and put them together. This is the link to the full sticker sheet: Stickers from Vintage Glam Studios I’ll show you how I make use of these stickers in my upcoming post and youtube video.

And if I conscientiously follow the Planner Routine every night, I only need to refer to the following two lists to get me through the day smoothly without any major hiccups!

The first list is the following To Do List which houses all my One-Off To Dos, meaning they are not recurring tasks.


The list below houses my Weekly Recurring To Dos. I have a set of recurring to dos for each day of the week. The image below shows all the tasks which I should complete every Saturday.


See how I use gestures to call up different windows and pages of My Daily / Today’s Section in action in the video below!

My next video will be a Plan With Me type of video. I’ll show you how I plan using my phone’s stylus – the S Pen as well as how I incorporate stickers to beautify my planning pages. 

Thank you very much for reading! See you in my next post…

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Part 1 : My Mobile Planner – The Filofax Way

Ever since I have started watching “planner” videos on YouTube, I have been fascinated with how much people can do with their planners!

Then an idea struck me – it will be great if I can customize my mobile the “planner way”, especially since I have always use my mobile for planning. I spent a few weeks on this and “ta da!”, this is what I have at the moment and I’m excited to show you!!

I’m using Total Launcher to do this on my Samsung Note 5. (Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated in any way; I paid for the premium version of Total Launcher)

However, there are still certain things you can’t do on a digital planner even though I have tried to mimic my mobile to be like a paper planner as close as possible. Therefore, I’m thinking of really investing in an actual planner!!

But for now, let me show you what’s in my mobile planner and how I make use of the S Pen for planning in subsequent posts. This is Part 1 of the series.

Part 1 – Sections In My Mobile Planner

Today’s Section


Calendar Section


Chores Section


School Section


Events Planning Section


Notes & Lists Section


Membership Cards Section

These are the 7 main sections of my mobile planner.  In my next post, I will share with you another important section before I go into each section in detail. Stay tuned for my post next week!